[Minecraft 1.0.0] Conveyor Belts Mod

Ngày gửi: 22-12-2011

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Conveyor Belts
= Automate your world! =
Notes :
This mod is kind of unfollowed. I am working on something bigger, that will incorporate this mod, and that something is called FutureCraft. Please, if you want to get this mod for new projects, wait for FutureCraft. it will be much better. This is updated mostly because you wanted me to updated it, not because I wanted to. And one more notice: DONATE! I don’t want to work that hard and get no reward. Really.
Features :

  • Move items, mobs, players
  • Great for spawners (moves mobs), and for traps.
  • Transport items from your mines to your house (and store in chests).
  • Moving pavement for fast travelling.
  • Automatic crafting items – awesome for factories
  • Item sorting, processing and storage
  • Item ejection from all storage blocks.
  • Automatic forge! – with ejection belts.
  • Moved items never despawn.
  • Build buffets with automatic supply!
  • Create cooked porkchop factories using pig spawners.
  • Build complex factories!

Building the conveyor:

  • Place the conveyor tile in the direction you want it to go (forwards, from you).
  • Hold left control (ctrl) to build in the opposite direction, is is good for building item ejectors and other stuff.
  • Unlike rails, conveyors can be placed freely in the air, and even above each other, making it possible to create multi-storey item conveyors.
  • Conveyor belts can be pushed by pistons, and will not change the direction.
  • Conveyors are waterproof. You can build them underwater, like ladders.
  • Use sneaking to safely walk on conveyor without being pushed.

Conveyor belt types:

  • Conveyor Belt
    • Stores items into chests, furnaces, dispensers and any other storage blocks.
    • Transports items, mobs and players.
  • Speedy Belt- video
    • Use GOLD instead of IRON in the belt recipe.
    • Twice faster.
    • Can’t store items.
    • The best moving pavement ever.

  • Item Ejection Belt

    • Ejects items from chests, products from furnaces etc.
    • Redstone impulse = ejection of one stack.
    • Can be controlled by redstone under it.
    • Can’t store items to chests, which is sometimes useful.

  • Item Detector Belt
    • Conveyor Belt with pressure plate
    • Detects items, mobs, players.
    • Can be crafted also with wooded pressure plate.

  • Conveyor Brake

    • Slows down the moved stuff.
    • When redstone powered, it completely stops movement.
  • Item Separator Belt

    • Right click it to open GUI
    • Can separate items – left, right.
    • Not matching items, and mobs, will go straight forward.

  • Item Redirection Belt

    • Power by redstone to redirect items to side conveyor.
    • Requires a conveyor on left / right.
    • With conveyors on both sides, it redirects to right by default, and when powered, to left.

  • Automatic Workbench
    • Great for factories & for batch crafting.
    • Can be stuffed by conveyors from side, or from above.
    • The products are ejected through the “door”.
    • Right click to open GUI.
    • In the GUI, use the right crafting grid for recipe, the left one is for materials.
    • Usage with conveyors
      1. Right click it
      2. Compose the recipe using the right crafting grid, but don’t remove the result
      3. Close the GUI
      4. Insert items with conveyor belts (the basic one works best)
      5. Products will be instantly ejected.
  • Item Elevator

    • Item Elevator can move items, mobs and players upwards.
    • Can fill chests & furnaces
    • Items need air / elevator under the bottommost elevator block to be accepted.
    • Power it, and it will try to eject items / mobs to the nearest conveyor on side.



  • Large factory video
  • Diamond pickaxe factory and more
  • Spotlight
  • Elevators for item transport
  • Automatic workbench used alone
  • Large sorting station
  • Another good spotlight

Redstone divider:
The Redstone Divider is now included in this mod. In added it, because i think it has really many uses for conveyors. The most important use is the automatic redirection.
This screenshot shows setup used to redirect each item to different side.

Alternate textures
XxSlayahxXcreated new textures for this mod.
It is sort of retro and fits well to some retro texture packs.

You can download the textures here:XxSlayahxX’s textures.
Installation instructions are in the included readme.txt file.

Mod installation

  • Download & installModLoader
  • Place this zip file, as is, into .minecraft/mods

Solving conflict with Kaevator’s SuperSlopes
To get this mod working, run minecraft once to create the property files, and then edit your .minecraft/redstone_divider.properties and change the ids to something else.

Credits to :MightyPork from planetminecraft