[Warcraft Hacks] Packet Sniffer – Warcraft 3 Tool

Ngày gửi: 15-01-2012

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  • 1) Does not need any additional capture drivers (WinPcap etc..)
  • 2) Captures only warcraft 3 packets, other packets ignored.
  • 3) Shows simple WC3 packet description (ID’s taken from BNetDocs), unknown packets will show “decimal” integer.
  • 4) Timestamps for each packet.


Issue (Bug):

  • After 300-400 shown packets, application may freeze. Because C# WPF RichTextBox will slowdown with every new added line of text (C# WPF bug). Can be fixed by changing richtextbox on listbox, may in future versions if any. But i think 300 packets is enaugh for analysis.


[Warcraft Hacks] Packet Sniffer – Warcraft 3 Tool
Credits to: wc3noobpl from D3scene